Self Love, Self Forgiveness & Self Acceptance

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This year makes ten years since I have graduated high school. I am to attend the High School of Commerce’s Class of 2007 Reunion. I have been witnessing what a struggle it has been to sell tickets. First, I thought black people can’t have nothin’ nice…. but that is what I have been conditioned to think. We can have nice things and celebrate together. So I changed my mind.

My (new) thoughts:  people are opposed to attending High school reunions because they are not where they thought they would be when they graduated.  Many of us had dreams, realistic or not, that didn’t come into fruition.  I had a talk with myself  when I kept finding out that people did not want to attend our reunion. Many people stated “I keep in touch with who I want to”.  I too speak black so this is what I heard, “I don’t want people to judge me “. Because people go to parties and clubs all the time with people they do not know, and still have a good time.  Before you all jump on me, because you too can get these hands,  I know some of you have things to do. But when I sat down and thought of my reason I would not want to attend this is what I thought:  “damn homie in high school you was the man homie”.  I cannot be the only one out there and you don’t have to raise your hands.

My (dope) logo has a symbol in the center it is called Anahata- Heart chakra. It represents your core being, where you find love and acceptance for yourself. I am not a buddist however, I adore what this symbol means and want to embody this concept  in my practice.

Self love, Self acceptance, self forgiveness. Let every expectation you had for yourself go and enjoy the ride.  If you are like me you can be so hard on yourself  that you miss life trying to make achievements, and  never stop to smell the roses. Ok, you didn’t take the path you set on, life directed you elsewhere.  Stuff happened/happens, and you dealt with it the best way you knew how. Correct me when I’m wrong.  My dream when I set out, after  the superintendent  read an entire Dr. suess book at graduation, was to finish college in 4 years, go on to grad school, be a therapist in New york City, and  live in a loft with my husband.  Now ya’ll know that is nothing like what happened.  But, I have recently begun to forgive myself for not meeting my expectations. It is hard.

So, before you begin to worry about what you will tell people when they ask you how you’ve been and what you’ve done, consider this answer “ I have lived my life the best way I know how. “ and make your way  to the open bar. 🙂




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