Puzzle Pieces

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“My flaws aren’t a disease, just my puzzle pieces.

If you see me pacing,

Don’t think I’m being rude and

stop, stare, and point,

don’t reprimand me, and inform me,

You’re attracting attention.”

Smile, and ask if you could join me.

If you see me chewing on something,

Don’t think I’m being rude and

Make a face or smack it away from me,

Don’t scold me, and say,

“That’s disgusting and childish,”

Smile, and offer me a piece of food instead.

If you see me doze off a little or start to daydream,

Don’t think I’m being rude, and

Get angry and start to nag me,

Don’t chastise me and ask me,

“Hey, why aren’t you listening to me?”

Smile, nudge me gently, and ask,

“Whatcha dreaming about?”

I have autism, not a brain disease,

My brain isn’t broken, not like glass,

my thoughts are just uniquely shaped, and

those are the pieces of my puzzle.

– A remarkable individual I am privileged to know.


This poem happens to be the highlight of my day, because it shows the power this individual has and their passion to take back the stigma placed on those on the spectrum. And how fitting is it to received such a poem on Maya Angelou’s birthday. My heart is happy and full. They wanted me to share this with others that may be trying to find their voices, so please share!

Now there’s so much more, but I am just elated that they chose to share this poem with me. Just when you are overwhelmed with paperwork deadlines and wonder all the other ways you could make more money for less work. A little miracle happens, and gives you the spark back. This work is so taxing and cannot be treated like many jobs. You cannot put a price tag on watching your client find their voice. (Though, I’d like to try )

What they are saying is inspiring in more ways; empathy and compassion are qualities people lack. It doesn’t matter if you get why someone is the way they are, spend time with them, care, ask questions. This individual was diagnosed recently and it’s like a light bulb went on in their head. Suddenly everything made sense, some people see this diagnosis as a burden but they’ve found freedom in it, an explanation to their idiosyncrasies, but more importantly a community, a sense of belonging and purpose.

Anywho, I have to get back to work .

SO to all my people in community mental health: you are worth much more than your IAPs,  CAs, and CANS!

Happy Autism Awareness Month!!!







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