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Today I have been inspired to write, after a great sermon, not sermon that’s too deep, after a great speech given by Dr. Hill.  He admonished us as young Black Americans to become historic and iconic just as the people we celebrate. We always celebrate the late greats but never push ourselves to become one of them. Also, we celebrate people such as Dr. King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, but fail to acknowledges Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Simone Biles. We have had great people and we still do. Most importantly you have the ability to become a Hero. There are requirements though.

Standing up for what you believe in, and believing in something to begin with. How can you make moves if you don’t believe you can? A major point Dr. Hill spoke about was that Al Sharpton is fake (he didn’t say that but I’m using it for the culture) because he is reactive and no proactive. Marches are great, posts are nice ways to be educated but what are we doing to create waves of change? My initial thought is that we don’t believe we can. Faulty thinking such as what do I have to offer, well I didn’t go to school, or I don’t have the money, is a hindrance.  Excuses won’t change a thing. Here’s a secret last week people were challenging others to call legislatives in support of the Dream Act. I had no idea what to say, and before this I didn’t really pay attention to it (it had nothing to do with me) similar logic to… nvm. Anywho, I just called and said I’m in support of the dream act and something needs to be done, or you will lose my vote, and Black Women’s votes matter.  I’m not sure if that made any difference…but the point it that I called, and it was a learning opportunity. I let go of my fear of seeming stupid.

What is one thing you can do that will help change a life? What community can you lend yourself to? Believe in a cause? I’m sure there’s a group of people doing something about it in your area. If not, create it!

Another topic is of course the amazing Marvel Movie: Black Panther. It was fantastic, and not because I love all things marvel, but because I loved the representation.  I have seen and heard many responses and opinions, so I decided to offer mine. I felt sad, sad because I will never know what that pride feels like, because I was robbed.  I cannot feel the way about America as they felt about Wakanda, or the way people from their native lands feel. There is a sense of culture and customs I will never feel connected to. Honestly, I am jealous. I will say this, I do love being Black. This is the culture I embrace and there is culture and customs I am privy to. Even when others try to denounce it, it is beautiful, the only thing that bothers me is that they won’t let us be great lol. We can’t have pride in ourselves without someone being offended, Black pride scares people. I’ve seen someone write Black women are beautiful, and someone writes what about all women. I SAID WHAT I SAID! It’s time for our magic! It’s a wonderful time to be black, no need to latch on to other cultures to find meaning and purpose. Being black is as great as fish and grits, or yams/mac/collard greens, or dirty rice and smothered chops. It’s as great as The Fresh Prince, Living Single, and Meet the Browns, or favorite quotes such as ” you told Harpo to beat me?” and ” Eat the cake AnnaMae”. Don’t forget door knockers and tightly curled bangs, gold teeth and gator suits. It’s as great as shaking hands with everyone in line but when you get to a brotha you dap them up, it’s like “Hey Sis” or my new fav greeting everyone Wakanda style. I think you get my point, all of this is our culture and they have been making this culture the less than culture. We’ve done it ourselves. So when asked my race I offer Black. Then I do a dance and say it loud!

Last, I saw a post regarding Black People wearing African (yes I know it’s a continent) clothing and how we wear it as a trend. How rude!! First, it’s as though I was saying before, no we don’t have an immediate connection to this culture, and for us to attempt to embrace it and our ancestors and to be shunned from the very people we are attempting to identify with is shameful.

Identity is essential to mental health, it grounds you, gives morals etc. Learning to love yourself, starts with how you identify yourself. WE have to find pride in ourselves and I think we have begun to. This is the best time to be Black!


Ok that’s enough Black Girl Magic for you, but I am happy to elaborate or debate,

With Love for the Culture.


This picture is of DR. Hill and My husband, Two of my Heroes.




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